Reach Into Cultural Heights

Our Children Our Greatest Investment

Educational Partners

National Visionary Leadership Project

Since 2003, the National Visionary Leadership Project is an enviable resource to our students attending the Reach for Success program.  Students in elementary to high school during the spring term are introduced to NVLP’s online self-narrated stories of extraordinary achievement as told by the African American elders. Our students listen to the elder’s talk not only about his/her life as an adult, but also as a child having to overcome obstacles in order to gain success. As a culminating activity, RICH students write a short essay on how their chosen elder’s life reflects the values introduced in the “Reach for Success” program.

In collaborative efforts to enrich the personal experience of students, RICH provides self-directed activities using communicational technologies such as the online multimedia educational resources found at the website. Examples of RICH student essays @ can be found under Maya Angelou, Ernie Banks and Ossie Davis.

Comfit Learning

loginlogoWe partner with ComFit Learning an online learning center for the opportunity to offer students a scientific driven combination of “drill-down” assessments, “walk-me-thru-it” tutorials, and teacher-friendly learning management tools that create a meaningful—and, perhaps, even transformational!—difference in not only the learning outcomes of our students  but also their attitude and confident in test taking skills. Barry Tarshis, Founder and CEO, ComFit Learning.


 York College, City University of New York

Since 1992, with the support of York College, RICH provides multimedia projects targeted to students who might not otherwise have access to participate in video production and web-based projects. RICH blended approach combines classroom instruction and uses technology thematic projects as a motivational tool. In 2009, RICH became an external partner, under York Department of Teacher Preparation and introduces future teachers to the Reach for Success model program 4 guiding principles to create classroom climates that motivate students to learn.

World Harmony Run

To expand our youth’s concept about self and others, in 2007 joined in a collaborative initiative introducing Reach for Success program participants to write essays about other cultures using the Harmony Run website as a learning tool. Because RICH believes that urban students need to master the written language and using English Language Arts as a foundation for all learning, each student selects a country from around the world to conduct their research. Each student is challenged to use the RICH Principles to explain the importance of understanding people from other parts of the world. Reach for Success Program 4 Guiding Principles are: (1) I matter (2) I am responsible for my behavior (3) I am considerate of classmates and others (4) I use thinking strategies for school success.