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Reach for Success

Reach For Success Overview

The RICH philosophy emphasizes how affirmative language as demonstrated in the “Reach for Success” Program can be used as a focal point for the development of self-respect and respect for others. Students learn to model constructive language skills, using program 4 guiding principles: (1) I matter (2) I am responsible for my behavior (3) I am considerate of classmates and others (4) I use thinking strategies for school success.

Program Goal

The goal is to introduce to public school students new ways of thinking and experiencing how they use language and to affirm “they respect themselves and others”.

Behavioral Objectives

  • Students will become aware that they matter
  • Students will become accountable for their behavior
  • Students will become concerned for others
  • Students will become self-directed learners

Reach for Success Classroom

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Photos from the RICH Local Elder’s Project – Visit the RICH Local Elder’s Project


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