Dear Mr. Willie Brown, by Andre C.

Dear Willie Brown,

Essay written by Andre C.

My name is Andre Cunningham and I am in third grade. I have chosen Willie Brown as my Visionary Leader. I chose you Mr. Brown because you were a former mayor of San Francisco and when I grow up I want to become a mayor. Mr. Brown, I want to learn more about your life. The RICH principle that explains all the great things you have accomplished is I matter. Mr. Brown, you were the first African American mayor to be elected in San Francisco and during the time you were in office, you did a lot to improve the city.

You also became a lawyer after attending Hastings College of Law. Your career as a lawyer began in the 1960s. I think that you represented the R.I.C.H principle; I use thinking strategies for school success. The reason I feel this way is because you were a lawyer and being a lawyer takes a lot of thought.

As R.I.C.H student I can inspire peers, friends, and family members to use each R.I.C.H principle by showing them a positive example like you Willie Brown. Each R.I.C.H principle means a lot to me. The R.I.C.H principle I am responsible for my behavior is helping me to develop a better character and to stop talking in class so that I can get better grades.

In my opinion the R.I.C.H principle that helped you to become successful is, I am responsible for my behavior. I would like to thank you Willie Brown for inspiring me. The lesson I learned from my research is to always use thinking strategies for success.


Andre C.
Age: 8
Grade: 3

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