Dear Toni Morrison by Chrisann Anderson

Dear Toni Morrison,

Essay written by Chrisann A.

Hi Ms. Morrison, my name is Chrisann Anderson and I am a RICH student. Over the past few years I have been learning about many different National Visionary Leaders. This year I chose to write about you and learn about the obstacles you faced growing up to become the successful women you are today. I can relate to you because as I become older, I am facing a lot of obstacles in my life. I try and express my feelings on paper instead of holding it in and becoming angry, similar to how you felt about racism when you were growing up as a little girl in Alabama, and expressed your thoughts on paper.

Over the years Ms. Morrison you have accomplished many goals. Some of the great accomplishments you have made are becoming the first African American writer to win a Nobel Prize for Literature in 1993. In 1977 you won the national book critic award, and went on to publish several books after that. Your books have inspired many people around the world, and are based on strong topics such as racism, segregation and integration. Ms. Morrison you have a very creative imagination, a powerful mind and strong feelings. The RICH principle that best describes you is, I am responsible for my behavior, because you put forth high levels of effort in order to become one of the most successful black authors of our time.

As a rich student, I could inspire others to use each RICH principle in a new way by showing what they all mean to me and how I have been applying them in my everyday life. Each RICH principle means a lot to me. I Matter means to believe in yourself and always show a positive attitude. I am responsible for my behavior means to respect yourself. I am considerate of my classmates means to show team spirit and do unto others as you want others to unto you! I use thinking strategies for school success means to set goals and work hard towards accomplishing them. The RICH principles have helped me to become a better person because I used to have an attitude, but since I’ve been attending the RICH program I’ve transformed my attitude and I’m more confident about myself.

I think the RICH principle that helped you to become successful Ms. Morrison, is I Matter. Even though you faced challenges in your life you did not allow that to hold you down and stop you from pursuing your dreams. The important lesson I have learned from you Ms. Morrison, is that you can’t judge a book by its cover because you can’t say something about someone if you don’t know him or her. By changing your name you took away the opportunity for people to judge you as a Black Women author and allowed them to experience your craft with no bias. In doing this you took the road to success.

Thank you Ms. Morrison for everything and working hard to be the successful women you are today.


Chrisann A.
Grade 6
Age 11

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