Dear Alice Coachman by Ian Karim

Dear Alice Coachman,

Hi. My Name is Ian Karim. I am 11 years old and I go to P.S.155Q. I am in fifth grade and I am a R.I.C.H student. I was introduced to the R.I.C.H by my teacher- M.s Gordon. The R.I.C.H program is made out principles that you have to follow. These principles are I matter, using thinking strategies for school, and life success and I am responsible for my behavior and my classmates and others.

Alice Coachman, there are many reasons why I picked you. One reason is because you love sports like me. I love to play soccer, baseball, and track. Another reason I picked you was because of your confidence. I remember you saying that when you were little, the boys use to say that they could beat you but, to race them and beat them. You had a lot of confidence to race them. Also, the last reason is that you had a lot of bravery. In your time there was a lot of racism. There were people who had called you many words that must of hurt your feelings but, you had bravery to stand up for your race. You had to withstand all of the mean stuff that they said and go to the Olympics and win the gold medal. I really do admire you because of that.

Alice, on the 29th of July 1948 you won the Olympic gold medal for track and field. You were born on November 9, 1923 and went to Tuskegee Institute High School. You also had to overcome your parents belief that you should focus your energies on a more ‘’lady like’’ path instead of pursuing your desire to become an athlete. You also convinced them to allow you to attend the ‘’Tuskegee institute high school as a scholarship student. At Tuskegee, you won your first national women’s outdoor high jump championship. You had a hard life but, you surpass the odds and become an icon.

The ‘’Reach For Success Program’’ is a program that is changing kids ways like, stop bullying, getting angry fast, and being more responsible. With this program, it is changing our society for the future. Every week I have to write a reflective essay about how I used the principles in school or at home. You can let out all of your worries and angers and the people around you will get it. They would comfort you and make you feel like you matter. I use the principles in school when I get stuck on a problem. I think of the R.I.C.H. principle ‘’use thinking strategies for school and life success’’ and I look at the charts that my teacher has that can help me answer the question. I use the acronyms like R.A.P.S and T.D.D.C. When I used these acronyms, it organized my response and I got full points on all my statements. These were some reasons on what the R.I.C.H. program is and how I use the R.I.C.H. principles.

Alice coachman, I think you used the principle ‘’I matter’’ because you always believed in yourself. When you were young, the boys use to race you and you use to beat them. You mattered because you believed in yourself. When you went to the U.S after you won the Olympic gold medal the white folks had a lot of mean stuff to you but, you knew that you mattered and you beat the odds and stud up for your race.

In conclusion, Alice Coachman you are a person who beat the odds and stood up for your race. You ignored they mean stuff and won the Olympic gold medal. Miss Coachman, you inspired me because you used the principle ‘’I matter’’ in such a hard time in your life. You believed in yourself and you won the gold medal. Thank you for inspiring me and teaching me that you should always try to beat the odds. That is a lesson I will always remember so thank you.


Ian Karim
April 16, 2016