Hello David Blackwell by Joshua Alleyne

Hello David Blackwell my name is Joshua Alleyne, I am 12 years old. I go to ps155 Ronald H. Brown School and I am in 5th grade. The Reach for Success program is a program that helps kids be successful.  It helps kids improve their grades in school and helps kids change their ways. I had found out about Reach into Cultural Heights because Ms.Kurs told me about it. This program has 4 principles that help kids reach success. The 4 principals are I matter, I am responsible for my behavior, I am considerate of my classmates and others, and the last principle is I use thinking strategies for school and life success. In my opinion this program means success because ever since I started the reach for success program I was doing well in school. The purpose of this program is to help kids do well in school.

My favorite sport is basketball but I also like soccer too. I like to play games on my ps4 system. The game that I like the most on my ps4 is fifa 16. I like learning new things and doing new and fun activities. In school my favorite subject is mathematics. When I grow up I want to be a doctor and help the sick. I enjoy assisting others when they need help. The reason I chose you David Blackwell is because you are a mathematician and I like mathematics. I also chose you David Blackwell because you were the first and only African American member of the National Academy of science.

The Reach for Success program is a program you go to on Saturdays. In the Reach for Success program kids write their reflective writing. The reflective writing is when kids write about how we used the principles that week. Also in the reach for success program we learn what something is and what it is not like. For Example, we learned what being responsible is and what being responsible is not. I am using the Rich program principles to help me succeed in school by being responsible, putting forth my best, and being considerate to my classmates and others.

One of the principles my elder used was I matter because he always maintained a positive attitude.  Also when he was 6 he knew how to read his first novel, other kids picked on him but he still continued to do well in school. Also he was identified in an article three times this shows I matter because he worked hard and putted in his best effort and got into the article 3 times.

David Blackwell you inspired me because even though you had some racial problems in your life you continued to work and strive until you achieved the goal you wanted. That has inspired me to keep trying until I reach my academic and personal goals in life, after what you have done I learned that I could use the principle I matter to help me with the problems and struggles I have in life. David Blackwell I want to thank you for inspiring me because you taught me a great lesson in life.


Joshua Alleyne
April 16,2016