Hello! Ms. Delores Tucker by Natalie Teekaram

DeloresTuckerHello! Ms. Delores Tucker, my name Natalie Teekaram I am 10 years old, and I go to P.S. 155 (Ronald H. Brown Elementary school), I am in the 5th grade. Every Saturday I invest 3 hours of my daily schedule to go to a well-educated program known as  the R.I.C.H. program or the Reach for Success program. The R.I.C.H program is based off of four principles I matter, I am considerate of classmates and others, I am responsible for my behavior and finally, I use thinking strategies for school and life success. The R.I.C.H program means many things to me; one of those things means I can develop my social skills. I can open up to others in a room. The day my teacher and guidance counselor chose me to be in the R.I.C.H program may have been the best day of my life because it helped me achieve my goals.

Where can I start? I choose you for many reasons. You’re an inspiration to all but, you inspired me the most.   I choose you for this year’s NVLP because I believe everyone deserves the right to speak up for what’s right. I also chose you because you were the first African American Secretary State, and defended people when they were weak and made them strong once again. I can relate to, because I believe in helping others. I also chose you for my NVLP essay because you founded and were the chair of the National Political Congress of Black Women. You “tirelessly served on behalf of historically oppressed minorities and women”.

You were born on October 4, 1927, in Philadelphia, PA. You were a politician, a civil activist, and a youth advocate. You were the 10th out of 13 children. You went to school at University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, and Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. In the 1970’s, you served as Pennsylvania’s secretary of state. You passed away on October 12, 2005, in Norristown, PA. You died from a heart ailment and lung condition .Even after; you died your legacy lives on, throughout the years.

In addition, I use the R.I.C.H principles to succeed in school. I use the R.I.C.H. principles in school, because they help me push toward my goal and achieve it. The R.I.C.H principles also help me remind myself to be a leader not a follower, to respect my peers, etc.

Throughout your years, I believe you used the R.I.C.H principle “I am considerate of my classmates and others” you used this R.I.C.H. principle throughout your court cases, and each and every day of your life. You helped others earn their justice. You also fought for others who were too weak to fight for themselves.

As you can see, you inspired me and others to help each other, and speak up for what’s right. I thank you, I have learned a lot from listening to your stories. After reading all that you you’ve gone through and overcame, I believe that everyone can learn several things from you.

Yours Truly,

Natalie Teekaram

April 16, 2016