Hi! Mrs. Yvonne Burke by Khristine Sooknauth

Hi! Mrs. Yvonne Burke. My name is Khristine Sooknauth, I am ten-years old, I go to P.S.155Q, and I am in 5th grade. To me what the Reach for Success Program is about helping to expand yourself into higher levels and think out of the box. Also to inspire me to set goals that are to be achieved. We also have four principles in the program. One is “I matter”, the second one is “I am responsible for my behavior”, the third one is “I am considerate of my classmates and others and last “I use thinking strategies for school and life success.” I was introduced to the program by my guidance counselor Ms. Kurs.

To begin with, I was born in America in 2005, October 18th. The reason I chose you was because you like to try out new experiences even though sometimes when your experience literally failed you would try even harder and harder. Another reason I have chosen you, for example, once you have something and someone has absolutely nothing you would try your best to work up to something and give them so it could be equal. Also the hurtful crimes people did to you still didn’t bring you down.

And just like you, I would like to try out a political career, new experience, and last a doctor. What we don’t have in common is that you would like to stick to something so big like joining a club that literally takes a decade and I would like to see everything small and work up to something big. Also because you never give up! Although most people bring her down, “In white society they said “Women can’t do it! In the black society they were saying “, Women do too much. It’s a diabolical situation.” But still that didn’t bring you down. You stood up like they weren’t even there to hurt feelings.

The Reach for Success program is for people to expand their minds, to think outside the box. Also the program is to help you decide what your goals are and to help you achieve them. How I am using the RICH Principles is in everyday life so I can grow into gaining a positive attitude and not only help myself but I am helping other people because once they see that I am determined and I can set my mind to anything they are going to think “Well I can do that as well.” So while I am learning the principles and carrying it out into the world and let everybody know that they can do better than they are doing right now. This is all because there is always more space for more improvement. And once I do this in school I know that “I matter.”

Khristine Sooknauth matter” because just when all the people were doubting you and saying that you cannot do it is when you got even stronger and stronger. Then right there you won the Congressional bid which made you an African American women elected to congress from California or any other state in American West.

You as my chosen elder have inspired me by helping me not to be afraid to develop my potential. Also not to listen to the people that are putting you down, but to listen to the people that are making you spread yourself into succeeding in your goal.


Khristine Sooknauth
April 16, 2016