Dear Katherine Johnson by Nadia Adram

Dear Ms. Katherine Johnson,

Hi my name is Nadia Adram and I go to Ronald H. Brown P.S. 155Q. I am 10 years old and I am going to middle school in September (The same month as my birthday!). I just started the RICH program or the Reach for Success program. You are probably really confused about what this is. Well, the RICH program is about helping kids respect all cultures. This program is based off of four principles. The principles are “I matter,” “I am responsible for my behavior,” “I am considerate of my classmates and others,” and finally “I use thinking strategies for school and life success.” This program follows these 4 principles, and helps kids respect others.

My family came to America from Guyana, a small country in South America. It was very hard for them to get here. I’ve never been to Guyana but my mom’s parents visit there a lot on vacation. It was hard for my mom to get here, while my dad and my uncle got here pretty easily. My uncle is my mom’s brother. My parents had to live in a few different houses in a few different states but only bought a house here in New York. A little later after my parents came, my mom’s parents came here easily and just recently my dad’s parents who are just here on a visit. However to get over here you have to get a visa if you are from or live in Guyana.

Ms. Katherine Johnson, you matter to me for many reasons. I am inspired by you because you are a NASA mathematician and math and astrology are some of my favorite subjects. NASA is a company that does astronomy or the study of space.  A mathematician is a person who does math. I’m really good at math and right now I’m learning 6th grade math work. Some of it is a little tricky but because I already knew some things in the work it was pretty easy for me. I was and am still  fascinated by the wonders of space. I know about all of the planets in our solar system and their moons.

Also you matter to me because I am going to be going to middle school next year and I got into a really strict but good school. It is Scholars Academy. I went to an interview, and a few weeks later I got a letter saying I was accepted. That school is really hard to get into but I did it with the encouragement from my teachers. You inspire me to do well in math and astronomy because my dream career needs math, and it is fun to explore the stars of our universe. Also, when I get good grades on my report card, the grades go to my records and the records go to Scholars Academy. When they do, I hope the good grades will impress them. Then I will be able to make my family proud.

The Reach for Success program is teaching me to respect others’ culture in many ways. The principle “I matter” helps me stay confident and leaves me with that “can do” attitude.“I use thinking strategies for school and life success” helps me remember that I have strategies to help me through tough times. “I am responsible for my behavior” tells me that it is wrong to do certain things and finally “I am considerate for my behavior” tells me that I shouldn’t judge other people without actually knowing them. This is exactly what the RICH program is all about so I am really proud that I am learning and using all these principles so I could uphold the RICH sprite.

The RICH program is teaching me to respect my culture because sometimes we can’t understand when our holidays for our religion are because America celebrates the holiday the same day as India while Guyana celebrates it the day after. Also there’s this holiday where I have to fast for nine days. Fasting is when I can not eat chicken, fish, and eggs. I don’t like that holiday at all but because of RICH, I can use the principle “I use thinking strategies for school and life success” and I can eat other foods I like such as mac and cheese.

Ms. Johnson you inspire me because I will study astronomy when I grow up even though it will have nothing to do with my dream career, and I am already really good at math. If I were to make this world a place where everyone is respected, I would start with a meeting in the park for every neighborhood and let them talk things through, and  I would keep doing that until everyone become friends. Ms. Johnson, according to me you used the principle “I matter” because you had many tough times in your life and i’m pretty sure it was hard to find out about things you never knew at all. I would like to thank you for inspiring me and I am sure you’re inspiring other people too. Thank you!   


Nadia Adram