Dear Katherine Johnson by Parbatti Boodhoo

Dear Katherine Johnson,

Hello! My name is Parbatti Boodhoo and I go to Ronald H. Brown School PS.155Q. I’m currently 11 years old and in the 5th grade. I currently attend a wonderful program called the Reach for Success Program that is held on Saturdays. The Reach for Success Program has changed my life by making me more confident and getting better grades in school through the 4 principles I Matter, I am Responsible for my Behavior, I am Considerate of my classmates and others, and last but not least I use Thinking Strategies for School Success.

My ancestors like my great grandparents came from India and then Guyana, which was where I was born. My parents came from Guyana to America. It was very hard for my dad because he was the first from my family to come here and he had a brain tumor. So that meant he couldn’t see for the whole flight. Then, after a year or so my dad came back and he was fine, but to this day he still has it. When I turned 3, my mom and I came to America.

Mrs. Katherine Johnson your story matters so much because it inspires me to know that girls can do as much as boys can. For example, in science or math you mostly see men who made a lot of discoveries, but your story reminds me that girls can do the same thing and beyond. Also, I love that you have inspired me and others that you can do anything that you put your mind to.

The Reach for Success program is training me to respect myself because we have RICH principles such as I Matter that helps me believe in myself. The Reach for Success program is training me to respect other cultures because when we use the RICH principles like I Matter and I am Responsible for my Behavior it shows me that everyone is equal and we should respect one another.

The RICH principles has helped me become a leader in school because they have helped me become more calm about certain things. For example, when I get mad, the RICH principles have helped me calm down and take a breath and not overreact. The RICH principles have changed my life for the better and I am glad I learned about them.

Mrs. Katherine Johnson you have inspired me about equality between different races and gender and cultures. You have showed me that all races and cultures and/or different inequalities should be treated the same. Thank you Mrs. Katherine Johnson for the inspiring words.


Parbatti Boodhoo