What NVLP has to say about RICH

“We learn a lot from our community partners.  Using the RICH program website, the children read, discuss and enthusiastically question some of the conclusions reached regarding their elders in each other’s essays.  Visionaries are an integral component of 21st century reality.  RICH users the Internet, face-to-face interviews and online writing activities to give students a greater sense of self-worth, self determination, and global awareness.  The program involves exposing the children to the NVLP Visionary interviews from the RICH website link and having the child select an elder to focus on.  They listen to the elder talk not only about his/her experience as an adult, but also as a child including communication problems with parent and peers…  As each child watches the elder talk about growing up, they not only learn about 20th century history, but they learn individual life lessons as well. The RICH program is truly innovative and most significantly effective. Since 2003, RICH has been proud to use the NVLP website and archive to supplement its Reach for Success program curriculum.”

The 2007 NVLP Wisdom Awards and Intergenerational Summit on the State of Black America “Educational and Community Outreach” Washington DC:  Oct. 2007. 23-24. Print.

Former RICH Board member, Gerald W. Deas, MD, MPH, MA, is featured on the NVLP website as a visionary leader.


National Visionary Leadership (Elders) Project Video