Reach Into Cultural Heights (RICH) focuses on creating innovation for urban students using classroom and online self-directed learning strategies.

Our Goals

RICH Goal: We guide students to express self-respect and others, and to focus on succeeding in the school learning environment. The goal is to change academic conversation guided by RICH 4 principles:

  1. I matter
  2. I am responsible for my behavior
  3. I am considerate of classmates and others, and
  4. I use thinking strategies for school success.

What we achieve: RICH uses blended approach classroom instruction and technology driven projects to reach students, our students articulate new attitudes about their abilities, to set realistic academic goals.

Activities: Student weekly reflective writing portfolios, speaking and listening expressions, understanding the role of being responsible, and positively interacting with elders. Our innovative activities include online google Classroom sessions, RICH safesapce, thematic projects and podcasts. Weekly activities incorporate the value of self-esteem, the importance of taking responsibility of one’s behavior, and becoming accountability of one’s behavior. RICH online activities are designed to encourage students to become better writers, communicate self-respect and respect for others.

Our History

Reach Into Cultural Heights, Inc. (RICH), began developing the Reach For Success program designs in 1992. The single pointed focus on creating innovation for urban students using communication technology models. Students who attended the organization’s model program Reach for Success are currently the program workshop leaders. The RICH network of leaders instruct students in using the language of school success in a classroom setting ,and those new concepts presented are reinforced using technology as a communication tool.

Beginning in 1992, RICH started the Reach for Success Program at York College, City University of New York. Today we are based in Queens College, City University of New York. Students in the Reach for Success program participated in web-based projects that support the development of writing skills and thinking skills for the purpose of transforming their sense of hopelessness, “I cannot” attitude to one of “I will try harder”. To succeed in school, students will be inspired with optimism for a better future. All Reach for Success programs created by the RICH organization help to support this learning concept.

More than 1,500 students have received the training to become caring and to create healthy learning environments in schools and beyond using the RICH Reach for Success 4 Guiding Program Principles:

With the support of York College, RICH introduced technology based projects to students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in web-based projects.

Today we are creating innovation on Queens College CUNY campus.

Students gain hands-on technology experience, working on independent thematic projects. Reach for Success 4 Guiding Program Principles RICH multicultural learning support materials include online websites to foster respect for self and for other cultures. All students are encouraged to learn about diverse cultures to competently participate in globally driven communication technology.